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☠️⚔️ Die by the Blade is sword combat simulation inspired by Bushido Blade with one hit kill system

🤺👌 Semi-realistic sword combat is the key feature of the game and in combination with one-hit kill delivers unparalleled gameplay experience in the modern world

🎮 Game is extremely easy to play so anyone can grab the controller and enjoy the gameplay experience in an instant. But Die by the Blade also offers deep combat system which requires high skill to master
The game is designed around the realistic sword combat where player controls the blade and performs various attacks to break through opponent’s defense
Every character has multiple skins available, so you can create warrior that reflects your style and spirit
Allows any players to connect via online multiplayer and challenge each other

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About us


Production/publishing company founded by its CEO Peter Nagy who is also a creative director and CEO in Games Farm and released more than 20 cross-platform games. Grindstone is determined to help young teams to produce better products and place them on the market. Currently, there are several products in the pipeline under Grindstone Games including Die by the Blade.

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Game development company established in 2015 by Peter Adamondy. Released two games for mobile platforms and is developing Die by the Blade since mid of 2019. Triple Hill becomes part of Grindstone group in 2018 and is focused on producing high quality titles for cross platform releases