Power, Stability, Control

( “御成敗式目、墾田永年私財法、生類憐れみの令”)

This is a powerful faction fighting for tradition and a conservative way of life. Ashikaga is led by the warlord Ashikaga Kōgon, who wants Japan to stay closed and to remain traditional. Ashikaga’s goal is to destroy the pockets of resistance hidden in mountain villages, secluded communities and fishing villages, willing to employ cybernetics and human augmentation to win the upper hand. 

They use brutal force to crush their opponents and have a powerful army of loyal followers. 

Stability over progress. Power over democracy. Control is stronger than freedom.




Congratulations on your promotion! We have successfuly disrupted Rebellion’s recruitment. But now we face even bigger threat. There are numerous clashes on the streets of capitol and we’ve got the intel that there is a huge coup attempt planned to take place on the main square. We will not make it on our own though. Gather you fellow soldiers, rally in the city center and get ready to protect our land!

1. Invite your friends to our Discord channel

2. Let them @tag you in the #fight-for-your-faction channel

3. Prepare to fight!

Deadline: 16.4.2021


Climb the ranks of Ashikaga’s army and become the commander of its secret police

Strike the enemy when they least expect it, in any manner you see fit to achieve your goal. 

This is your first mission: 


The posters above have been found at every major street in our capital as well as in many villages. 

As you can see, the Rebels are boosting their morale and recruiting new soldiers. Re-create this poster to mock and discredit their main hero – commander Chocho. 

Spread these new posters around the country, to mock the rebels and their leaders. There are no limits for your creativity. You can get inspiration from one of the re-created posters below. 

Share your newly created poster at the public square here > 


Deadline: 22.3.

Download the original poster here > join rebellion