Shogunate will fall 



 Renegades and outcasts. Fighting for democracy, progress and openness. They want Japan to be welcoming and open to foreign influences. Led by CHOCHO. Using guerrilla tactics of combat. Guerrillas usually avoid confrontation with large units and formations of enemy troops but seek and attack small groups of enemy personnel and resources to gradually deplete the opposing force while minimizing their own losses. The guerrilla prizes mobility, secrecy, and surprise, organizing in small units and taking advantage of terrain.


Congratulations on your promotion warrior! We have definitely showed the Shogunate what do we think of them…But now there is even more important mission we have assigned to you. We’re planning to do a huge protest on the capitol square and it will not be peaceful in any way. We need as much people as possible, so now It’s your task to gather your fellow warriors and get prepared for the conflict. Remember, Shogunate will Fall!

1. Invite your friends to our Discord channel

2. Let them @tag you in the #fight-for-your-faction channel

3. Prepare to fight!

Deadline: 16.4.2021


Climb up the ranks of this guerrilla group and lead your people towards a brighter tomorrow. However, first we need proof of your loyalty. . 


Posters like these were find on our territory.

As you can see, Ashikaga is trying to undermine trust of our people and to crash our alliances. Download this poster. Re-create it in a funny way to mock their – commander on the picture. 

Spread these new posters around the country, to make fun of Ashikaga and their leaders. There are no limits for creativity. You can get an inspiration from one of the re-created posters below.  

Share your newly created poster at the public square here:


 Deadline: 22.3.2021

Download the original poster here > join Ashikaga