We are here to make your dreams real. We are Praxis.

You don’t need to blend in with the crowd. To be average. You have options to become a more effective, stronger and endless. We are here to make your dreams a reality. 


Creating  human augmentation systems for the whole world using robots and slave work.  Why to stay human if you can be more? Praxis supplies advanced technologies to Ashikaga, and turns a blind eye to local conflicts. They are loyal only to the coin and to those who can pay. Their ambitions are much bigger as they strive for global dominance and incredible profits for its shareholders. Praxis employs only the brightest minds and scientists, operating with the best technologies and budgets. Praxis will carefully guard its technology, and its secrets. 



Thank you very much young hacker. Your ad on our services is doing very good impressions all over the country. You proved your loyalty to the corporation and we have a new very important mission assigned to you. There is an intel that Rebellion is going to fight the Ashikaga’s forces in the city centre and they will try to weaken their forces as much as they could. We couldn’t let that happen, so we need your help. Gather your fellow hacker friends and get ready to gain as much information about the planned Rebellion’s coup as possible!


1. Invite your friends to our Discord channel

2. Let them @tag you in the #fight-for-your-faction channel

3. Prepare to fight!

Deadline: 16.4.2021


Become a member of the PRAXIS hacker group, conducting special operations with one aim only, to increase profits and global power of the firm. 

Here is your mission:

Create a new ad promoting our body-hacking services. You can get an inspiration from the picture below. 

Install yours newly created ad to Ashikaga’s broadcasting systems.

Post your ad here > https://discord.gg/HGYMk2qESA

Deadline > 22.3. 2021

Download the original poster here > Join Praxis